03 March 2013

Sunday ride and stop by local bike shop (Cherubim)

Jerome and I took a morning ride today, heading out past Takao over Otarumi and to the area around Lake Tsukui, then back.
Early March -- almost Spring.  The brown looking trees toward the left on the hillside are fir trees heavy with pollen.  The pollen level is VERY high this year, so thick you can taste it.
Jerome had a slow leak in his front tire tube -- he can be seen in the distance where he stopped to pump up the tube.

On our way back into town, we stopped by a local bike shop and Jerome borrowed a tire floor pump.

It just happened to be the Cherubim store in Machida.  Of course, Cherubim is home to the most decorated framebuilder in the world in recent years, Konno-san.  So the bikes on display are all custom, and spectacular.  I think I will need to order a randonneur frame here while I am living in Japan.

I think I saw this one at Cyclemode 4 or 5 years ago.

Classic Cherubim road frame and colors

NAHBS award winner

Old school

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Detail -- NAHBS award winner

wooden rims, retro design, nice high flange hubs

All decked out in chome and leather bags

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