22 June 2024

Sun Trip 2024

Congratulations to Jack Butler on winning the 2024 Sun Trip -- a 7000km race for solar-powered (recumbent) bicycles in France and Morocco.

A brief event summary video with theme song:  https://youtu.be/bz4ipea3kfs?si=EfoinnXswxV4ZNQe

I must admit ... as I watched some of Jack's videos, I was thinking, what a great challenge! Was there ever a more perfect event for me? 
First I will need to electrify my recumbent, then add the solar panel.
Then perhaps we can organize a similar event in Japan someday?

2024 champion Jack Butler

Butler's videos documenting the journey can be found here: 

2023 Champion Jean-Marc Dubouloz

Theme song (full lyrics in video description) but the chorus goes:

The Sun Trip
It's calling me
I'm gonna ride
Gonna set myself free
No limits
No boundaries
I'll rise above
On the Sun Trip
I'll find my love

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