09 November 2008

D as in "Done"

We attended the JCRC Saiko race today, first the team time trial where we had good discipline and stayed almost the complete race in a four rider line and later the solo races.

I finished in 14th place in the D class race, thereby securing JCRC D Class championship 2008 plus finishing in second place in the Nikkan Sports Tour du Japon 2008 D classification.


Finally, after 46 years not winning a single sports event (not counting those held at Club Med).
Thanks for all the support from the Positivo Espresso Team Members through a long season which became even longer in October and November.


Jimmy Shinagawa said...

Many congratulations. Very excited to know that I am able to ride with a Japan Champion. See you soon.

the ups and downs of a belgian amateur cyclist in tokyo said...

HURRAH MICHAEL!! TWO REASONS TO CELEBRATE NOW! A feat that cannot possibly be replicated! You are Positivo Espresso's hero! I bet your son is real proud of his father now!

Congratulations on the strong finish of the TT team too!

Manfred von Holstein said...

Many congratulations again by internet! I'm so relieved you made it to the finish line and did not get entangled in a crash. I saw myself how fine the line can be between victory and defeat.

I hope your children performed equally strongly and am looking forward to the full report.

I realise I'm totally behind on my postings. I'm glad I can also report "mission accomplished" at Saiko, which in my case means 1) most importantly not crashing in what is actually a rather dangerous race, 2) making it to the finish with the top group (E1 class) - and only six seconds behind the winner (but nonetheless only as the 22nd!)

Anonymous said...

Well done. It was a pleasure to be a witness to. Although from a fair distance behind your group. Was good riding with you on Saturday too. Next chance Hitachinaka....