20 November 2016

Onekan / Tank Road / Yaen Kaido run

I had an afternoon commitment, and Jerome was in the early stages of recovery from some kind of stomach bug (e-coli?), so we took a short ride only on a beautiful fall day when, many other years, we would have headed for Chichibu or Matsuhime. At least we made it as far as the Tank Road, a bit shy of 70 kms.

Anyway, the ride started cold and clammy.  I saw some mist as we approached Futakotamagawa, and it just got thicker and thicker as we headed up the Kawasaki side of the river. Fog.
By the time we entered Onekan, the fog had cleared, and we could see a snow covered Mt. Fuji ... just not from the spots where I took photos.  Anyway, a very nice spin at a relaxed pace.
Solar farm at the northwest end of the Tank Road

06 November 2016

Fall weather

It is finally nice, cool fall weather in Tokyo ... though still quite warm midday.  I am in the middle of a house sale -- I had a work-related meeting Saturday morning, then met with surveyor and neighbors for 境界確認 (border confirmation - a Japanese property ritual), and spent much of today (Sunday) sorting through things to throw away or keep, so not much time for riding, and November looks like it will a bust from a cycling perspective.
Looking upriver from the Setagaya-Dori bridge just beyond the Odakyu Line
That said, I did get out with the "Tokyo Cranks" and joined their 715AM Saudany sortie from Futako Tamagawa, looping down, then up river, then ending at Seijo Gakuen for coffee and conversation. Only a quick 35km loop, with some wind-assisted and wind-hindered sections, but good company and a chance to at least stretch the legs.
Nils, James and Maki-san mount up after we regather.

Nature and infrastructure.  A very Japanese combination.