21 March 2010

For Sale [SOLD]: Klein Quantum Race

Klein Quantum Race, 56cm, Dura-Ace components, Shimano r700 compact crank, Rolf Vector Pro wheelset, Deda Synapsi bars.

Might suit a new rider if anyone knows someone looking?

Looking for an intelligent offer to make space at home.


David Litt said...

And, of course, Klein bikes have beautiful paint jobs. They practically glow!

Dominic H said...

That is simply too nice to sell. Get rid of one of your cars, rent some storage space at Hello Storage or even ask your local dry cleaner if he would store the bike as if it were winter clothing.

Unknown said...

I'm sure this isn't available anymore but just checking to see if it is because i'm interested. liporteous@ucdavis.edu

David Litt said...

This bike was sold back in 2010 ... after conversion into a fixie.