18 March 2010

MOB's SAYONARA RIDE to feature 2 hillclimb races (after all)

Saturday April 24th at 12:00 (noon) : RdV...everybody assemble at the Takao 7/11.
12:15~ START From Takao's Seven-Eleven, we will do a slow approach to the foot of Wada and then organize - in good Positivo Espresso tradition - a little hillclimb race.
Following this race, we will slowly ride together again as one group doing the Yuzurihara/Hinohara golf courses readying ourselves for another little hillclimb race this time up to the first Kobu Tunnel.
We then again wait until the last rider arrives and proceed slowly in group to Tamajiman (arrival time 17:00?) for the party to start.

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