10 March 2010

German Winter Cycling

A short visit to the North of Germany revealed the following characteristics about the German Winter Cycling Scene:
  • Lots of snow
  • Bicyles seems to have a minimum weight of 15kg (not including the obligatory 5kg chain lock)
  • So called "Holland Cycles" are still plentiful
  • Road bikes still have downtube shifters
  • Colnagno and Pinarello are not even mentioned in German cycle magazines

1 comment:

TOM said...

Funny, this is exactly how my "papachari" looked like this morning!

Funny too Italian brands are no longer considered real sport cycles; perhaps no wonder with all those great up-and-coming German brands like CANYON, etc.

Downtube shifters? Maybe I'm nostalgic but I switching back to them this week! Did you know that when combined with the right brake levers, they actually weigh less than your average gearshift set?

Enjoy the rest of your time in Germany MOB; hope though you're not going to stay there forever....