22 March 2010

E-mail from E.T.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I received an e-mail from ET. It turns out this was not from the extra-terrestrial friend of our childhood but from Etsu, the friend of a friend in New York. Knowing my friend Tim is a manic racer (you name it, he does it) I was concerned Etsu would be from the racing fraternity as well. Meeting him at 7:30am at the Kanpachi-Komazawa-dori junction left me in little doubt. He was in his team kit and had massive legs.

We set off with Jamie and Jerome for a type of recovery ride. Interestingly and unusually Jerome started slowly but we were still all happy to follow him. Was this a new Jerome? A new tactic learned from track racers (go off slow and then explode)? Once we got on to the river Jerome fired up his engine and off we went at speed. We crossed over the river and enjoyed the 2km warm-up hill past a hospital (aka Byoinzaka), crossed a big road, ducked down a side road and then up the short (500m) but steep Irohazaka which was apparently discovered by Julianne and named the "coup de cul", "kick-in-the-ass" hill - or whatever the German equivalent is. From there we joined Rte 20 and enjoyed a fast ride up to the Tank Road and Starbucks. Once again, Jamie proved himself strong on the flat. Back along the Onekan at fast pace.

Great recovery ride. 88km, 3:30mins, 550m climbed, average speed 25km/h

I finally watched E.T. the movie for the first time last year after taking the children to Universal Studios and going on the E.T. ride numerous time (the 'benefit' of going to a charity auction, drinking too much and buying expenses presidential passes that allow you to the front of every line).

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