10 March 2010

University of International Cyclology : Professor MOB

I have spoken briefly with some of you about the possibility earlier on, but it is now almost official that I will be appointed Professor of International Management at the University of International Economics and Logistics in May.

In Bremen, Germany that is which will have some very unpleasant activities, among them moving from Japan to Bremen in April this year. On the one hand I feel proud that I will become the first professor of the Positivo Espresso Team and I am excited about the forthcoming changes in our life. But this is very small hand indeed.

On the other, more bigger hand, I feel extremely sad about all the things cycling- and friend-related here that I will eventually miss in Germany. There are no mountains in and around Bremen and winters, cold springs and autumns are long and only interrupted by 15 days of summer in August every year. I also doubt that it will become member of such an amazingly unorganized and unorthodox team as Positivo Espresso is. All sad things indeed.

There are still about six weeks left in Japan and I hope I can utilize them to do some more good rides with the team. Thanks for everything.


Richard said...

You'll be missed M O B. I've never met you, and have only managed to take small bites out of the routes you have shared, but your exploits have inspired me to ride. I hope someone takes over the baton, as 'humorist in residence' on the PE blog!

Congrats on becoming a Prof. My fate is for ever (well, as long as my contracts last) to be an 'Assistant Prof' - but nobody has ever told me who to assist, or quite what it is I meant to be doing...

TOM said...

I am heartbroken Michael - how can I ever forget those many incredible rides in your company?

The most recent Oyama ride we did just the two of us will forever stay with me as a most happy memory of a most dear friend...

I guess I'm starting to sound like I'm grieving over a friend's death...

It is much too early to depart but as they say life goes on.

Wishing you all the best of luck in your new professorial activities Michael! Looking forward to the farewell ride too.

Dominic H said...

You made it! Every German wants to be known as Herr Professor or Herr Doktor. We will miss you more than you can imagine. I look forward to the sayonara ride and after-party.

James said...


What can I say... apart from many many thanks for introducing me to PE, I've mademany new freinds whoe share similar passions (addictions?) and also for you great help in getting me racing again. It's a shame that if all goes to plan we will not be able to do the Ekiden ride with 3 JCRC jersies..... although this does give you a very good excuse to come back and visit!

Yair said...


Although I have known you for a very short time, and only managed to ride a couple of times with you and the PE guys(I hope we will stay have a chance to ride together again before your departure to Germany), your presence has always been inspiring.
I only wish for myself that I will be able to keep riding with the same enthusiasm and dedication as you have shown us, for many years to come.
Wish you all the best on your new avenue!

Anonymous said...

Et merde alors!

Too sad that you are leaving. What we are going to do without our Godfather.

Hope to see you before the last 6 weeks.


Fumiki said...

Mob san

I'm really sad.
Thank you very much for let me joining in.

Let's ride again...!

Manfred von Holstein said...

As an insider to the news, I have had more time to digest this and mull over the consequences for MOB and for us. I've come to conclude that while it is said to miss MOB on our rides, he will make up for this by expanding the PE spirit and team far beyond the borders of Tokyo and we will soon enjoy many hilarious stories from the north of Germany that we would otherwise never become part of.

So this is not really a good-bye. It is the start of a new era for PE.

Cheers, Ludwig

Lee said...

Hi Michael,

I've only ridden with you twice but in both cases it has been a pleasure; and I've always enjoyed your blog posts and comments on the TCC website.

I'd like to congratulate you on your new position at the University of Bremen.

My job is to promote research collaboration between Japan and Europe. If ever you are looking for some funds to visit Japan for a research trip, we have developed the following booklet (it's still in draft form):


Hopefully you can visit Japan quite frequently.

Lee (TCC)

Anonymous said...


How should I bless your new start?My sad feelings are very stronger.But,It's your life..Cheer up and go ahead!

See you,ciao ciao!


Edogawakikkoman said...

Is this an April Fools Day joke?
I hope so.
If not, all the best in Germany and who know what will happen in the future. You may be back.


andy said...


I've never met you but as an avid follower of this blog I feel like I know you so well. The perfect balance of enthusiasm, humor and boyhood desire to get out there and explore! I hope you keep posting on this blog so I can follow your exploits in Germany.

All the best of luck and I hope our paths cross in the future.


mob said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, which are very much appreciated. Over the years cycling and the friends involved with, have become an increasingly important part of my life and it is hard to leave this all behind and start again in Germany.

I have seen many gaijins come and leave Japan over the years and therefore I don't harbour the illussion that I can just continue with Positivo Espresso from Germany as if nothing has happened.

But, something new will come out of that and I hope that we all will be a part of this somehow.