09 April 2017

Wet Sunday coffee ride

Not really a day for cycling, just a quick trip to Starbucks in Seijo with the Tokyo Cranks. One more chance to catch some Sakura as the rain starts to bring down the petals.

Saturday Sakura Ride

Jerome and I planned a Saturday ride. We were going to get an early start ... but rain overnight pushed our schedule back from 730AM to 920AM. Still, once we headed NW we soon found dry pavement. And we found nearly full sakura blooms. We went to the Mitake-san tram station and back. 118kms. Not bad for a half-day ride with plenty of sakura along the way!

Reflective bar tape

I just put some Shimano "PRO" reflective bar tape on the bike I want to try commuting on -- my old Canyon frame, which has a ding on the left side of the downtube, but seems to be still structurally okay ... so I can ride it in the city without getting worked up about other dings. The reflective tape works!
In indirect light, the tape looks normal: