24 November 2018

Positivo Espresso Retro Wool SS jerseys

Positivista David J. of Mallorca/London wants to design and order some retro merino wool jerseys for the club. Expected pricing (short sleeve) is €114 each plus shipping. Design will follow confirmation that we have at least six tentative orders, and firm orders will be sought after design is completed and available.

Proposed supplier:

If you are interested please contact David J. or me via email, FB messenger or, if you do not have our contacts already, leave a comment below telling us how to reach you.

23 November 2018

A glorious autumn day for a ride ... to Fussa and back

Positivistas David J. and Juliane P. have returned to Tokyo for the first time in over four years. We celebrated their visit with a ride to the Fussa Beer Hut at the Ishikawa Brewery for a delightful meal, and return to town. 92 kms on a lovely, brisk autumn day. Strava is here. The pictures tell the story.

Out Meguro Dori -- too early to catch Nagai-san at Positivo.

Before we knew it we were at Fussa -- Tama Jiman branch

Sake barrels and post box.

The beautiful courtyard at Ishikawa brewery

Was this where romance first bloomed for David J. and Juliane P?

Bikes leaning during lunch.

An 'Merican rider.

On the return - still spectacular weather

David J. and Juliane P. wait while I take the photo.