11 March 2010

Team Positivo Espresso (High5 Pro-Lite) Announces Tokyo Itoigawa Starters

Tokyo (March 11, 2010).  Positivo Espresso today announced its nine man squad for the 39th Annual Tokyo-Itoigawa Fastrun Classic, scheduled for May 22.  The members will be:

Yair B.
Jerome B.
Christopher D.
Dominic H.
C.J. H.
Kevin J.
James K.
David L.
James M.

Since the team is not on the Pro Tour roster this year, they will need to enter the lottery to get a spot in this year's Classic, and should find out within the next few weeks if they have been accepted.  Said retiring team captain Michael K., "I'm disappointed I will be racing in Europe in May and so unable to join the Fastrun Classic.  You will need to rely on David 'GPS' L. for instructions.  David led us into the dead end temple street in Suwa, Nagano two years ago, so I hope he has learned his lesson."

David L. did not comment on the fact that Team Ace and last year's JCRC and Japan Cup "D" Class Champion, Manfred von Holstein, was missing from the list.


TOM said...

Huge team! Sure hope we (=PE team + "deserter" TOM's team) all pass the lottery.

James M. was able to successfully upload the GPS data/route of my ride last year (have not been able to do the same yet!). I'd say, try to stay in his wheel!

James M. why don't you try and beat our friend in Niigata - Andy Wood? Andy has run away with the championship already for many years in a row...DANTOTSU!!! It is about time someone beats him. Mind you though, he's been training like hell in his Niigata garage :-)

Manfred, counting on you!!

James said...

Well with a leadout train that would make Bradley Wiggins think about jumping ship I think it may just be possible!

Manfred von Holstein said...

OK, let me reveal that I'm cheering the team and am not joining officially so that I can spend all my energy on pulling Tom (and anyone else starting with him) up to Kofu and not having to worry about doing another 200km from there on.

James said...

Now thats a leadout train! ALL ABOARD THE MANFRED EXPRESSS!

andy said...

Tom, I welcome all challengers!!!

Not sure an hour a night in the garage will have me ready for 8 or 9 hours in the saddle going hell for leather though!

Our lead out train is whopping 30 again this year. www.jyonnobitime.com/time

I can't say I've ever been lead out though. Every year after the first climb from Takao station it's been a long lonely TT for me. I hope to have a start time similar to you guys so I too can jump on the Manfred Express! Choo Choo!


TOM said...

Andy...without any drafting at all except for the occassional truck...you are - to borrow MOB's words - "ein Uebermensch" !

I applied for a starting time at 6:00, alternatively 6:30 so that I can first cycle up to Takao from my home (a nice warm-up). The later starting time has the advantage of being able to draft/jump one group after another but the downside of course is the heavier traffic and higher temperatures.

I'm secretely hoping for even stronger headwinds than usual this year!

andy said...


I would say the earlier the start the better. Less traffic, cooler, less head winds (?). I also got annoyed at people complaining that I was passing them around the Kofu area! Riding 2 or 3 abreast I was forced into the overtaking lane. To which they complained I had to stay to the left. One guy also complained that my front wheel was breaching the white stop line at a traffic light! In those situations, my wife tells me that a shout of "asshole!" in English is much more effective than the more widely used "baka!" in Japanese!

I say set off first, put your head down and go for it!

As for a warm-up, that climb from Takao is warm-up enough for me!


Manfred von Holstein said...

I agree earlier is better. The headwind works well for Tom against competition that starts at the same time, but not against competition that avoided headwind of the same intensity through an earlier start.

As for the complaints... pass them fast enough so you don't hear. And don't stop...

TOM said...

Haha! Your wife must be right Andy! All too often have I found out that a mere "Baka!" or "Tako!" has no effect at all. I wonder which language would be most demeaning and effective to the Japanese mind though..."asshole!" or some Flemish (or German) vulgarity...

I had the same experience on last year's edition when I took off a few seconds before the lights turned green...lots of loud protest behind me. Going solo may be a lonely affair but it gives you at least more peace of mind.

As to the headwind, you are right again; there is likely to be less of it in the early morning hours. Ludwig's observation is probably correct too. Let's how the elements will treat us!

David L. said...

We are in! 4:05AM start should get us through with less traffic, less heat, and less wind than someone like Tom, who will be starting a 6AM. We shall see!