15 March 2010

Inviting MOB Sayonara Ride ideas....

After reading David L.'s Utsunomiya burube Brevet story below, a crazy thought just occured: "how about doing a mock/sham/mogi Takao→Itoigawa ride*1 when MOB is back in town?
Another idea for a Sayonara Ride would be the (somewhat shorter) "Jason Loop"*2....
Any other ideas ?
(*1 with stay& partying in Itoigawa)
(*2 a.k.a. "P++l Jason Loop")
In memory of one of MOB's numerous tragicomic jewels:
"Sure it's OK for newcomers to join us on a ride out in the mountains."
Translation: You are lured into the moutains and left in a place from where you have no idea how to ride home. One of the newcomers, Paul Jason changed his phone number and e-mail address after the ride. You might want to consider to do the same before.


mob said...

I like the idea. However, could we stop inHakuba instead of going all the way to Itoigawa? I am asking because it would gave me the chance to visit a friend there and honestly, I am terrible afraid of the strtech of tunnels between Hakuba and Itoigawa. I know that going right to Itoigawa has more seaxappeal as it is the real thing, but going to Hakba isn't so bad after all.

Manfred von Holstein said...

What is the "Jason Loop"?

Might be interesting to do Itoigawa on a Sunday, hopefully with almost no trucks on the road.

But if we did this, we should ride as a group to make it fun. This in turn though means that it won't be much of a training for you, Tom... (I don't mind waiting every now and then for people; helps me relax my back.)

What do you think??

TOM said...

Manfred, I guess the Jason loop was long before your time...it is an oldie and you may find many references to it if you dig deep enough in this blog!

Didn't know MOB was already back in town until I read Dominic's refreshing story above (to my sadness, Iwas not aware of this ride being organized).

MOB...I agree about the tunnels and that Hakuba would be far enough! When would be convenient for you to have this sayonara ride? This Sunday may be a still bit too early in view of the melting snow. Otherwise, we stick to something more nearby like David L. was suggesting:

"One of the classic Positivo routes -- either
Wada/Tawa/Tsuru/Matsuhime or Akigawa/Kazahari and Matsuhime OR Tsuru/Tawa or maybe

The Jason Loop by the way is Tamasai/Wada/Yuzurihara (the 2 golf courses)/Kobu Tunnel/Itsukaichi/Tamasai ....very classic as well.

James said...

I would also be very interested in joing this ride, hopefully It won't be on a race day though.

Also I have from the 22nd to the 28th off from work so if anyone is up for some long rides, especailly MOB. I would certianly be up for it!

TOM said...

MOB, when shall it be ?

David L. liked the idea of a "Jason Loop".

quoting David:

"I think that is the "P++l Jason Loop" ride. That would be great.
Out and over Wada Pass, through the golf course hills of Uenohara, a short climb up to Kobu tunnel and then down the Akigawa. Just a short ride in the country ... but potentially lethal if you try it untrained on a sweltering summer

We won't have to wait until Summer for this one. The farewell ride could/should be rounded off with a beer at Tamajiman on our way home!

mob said...


Thanks for all the good comments and proposals. If possible, I would like to do the Sayanora ride either 24th or 25th (Sat, Sun) of April, I will leave then the following week.

As for the route, everything is fine with me and I will leave it in your good hands. However, I would very much like if we return to the Tamagawa and have dinner together at the Tamajiman Brewery. As they often have functions, weddings etc., it might be a good idea to make a reservation in advance.

I would also post on the TCC blog and invite some of their riders to join us.

It would be much appreciated if one of you could handle Tamajiman reservations then.

If the weather is OK, I will also join the April 17th brevet, but without registration.

Thanks for everything.

TOM said...

Great! Thanks MOB.

I volunteer to do the organizing and Tamajiman reservations and already propose to everyone to mark Saturday April 24th on their calendars. As to the sayonara ride itself, let's do the Jason Loop at a real relaxed pace - no racing but cycling.

Will post small announcement on TCC as well.