13 March 2009

Where have I been ?

I made a longer trip yesterday in beautiful weather. Can you guess where I have been? I went up to this place and waited for the monster slope I have heard about. The approach was steep but not monsterwise. So I thought all reports so far were exaggerated. Until I went down the other side - I had to pull the brake levers all the way to the handle bar and I was virtually sitting on the rear wheel while sneaking down at 10 km/hr. This is not a road. This is a wall. I also tried this new climb - no cars just silence, quietness and peace 300 meters up. Glad I made it.


Anonymous said...

Chichibu Umenoki Toge ?

TOM said...

Haha!! You made it to Nenogongen...lovely steep those last 40 meters aren't they! My guess would be 26%.

Joining KT5 this Sunday?

Manfred von Holstein said...

Disappointed you went there without me!! I thought we would do this together, and so I ventured somewhere else on Wednesday (nice 195km round-trip to Michisaka and Hinazuru and put up a new personal best time on the way back up Otarumi; report to follow).