24 June 2009

The 2009 Team Kit has Arrived

Thanks, Michael, for the effort to get these designed, ordered and delivered! They are a big improvement on last year's model in design/style, sizing, and safety (the orange is very safe/bright -- even my mother would approve)!

P.S. -- please someone replace this photo with one taken in better light, with less haste, and with a more attractive model! No time for perfection -- gotta pack!


TOM said...

Great design! Thanks so much Michael for all your efforts and time you dedicated to this major undertaking! Can't wait to put on my bibshorts; it looks like they will go together well with the design of the first-batch shirts.

David, I wanted to tell you last Saturday but you have visibly slimmed down...awesome!

StompinRhino said...

Tom, Michael - off topic, but I have an interesting request. Do you know anyone who has an Utsukushigahara race entry that they are not using (due to injury etc)? I have an Englishman staying with me who just arrived at my house yesterday from England by bicycle (1yr 2mths on the bike!). He is interested in joining us at the race. It would be nice if he could come along. IF you know anyone who has a race entry they are not going to use, please contact me.
ryantokyo at gmail d com

StompinRhino said...

Update: I just called organizers and they agreed to give him a special entry based on the novelty value and the fact that he is doing this for charity, which incidentally is called SOS Childrens Villages: http://www.justgiving.com/projectbike/

See you in Asama!


TOM said...

See you and your Englishman friend there Ryan! Impressive story; a guy with TCC (Tokyo Cycling CLub) successfully completed the same London to Tokyo trip several years ago.