03 February 2010

Saturday Ride [6.2.10] : BOSO AND MIURA HANTOS

I am planning to join the TCC ride organized by Phil on Satursday. With snow in the mountains and Phil knowing every corner of Boso peninsular, I think this is a good opportunity to check out this rather unknown area.

The ride starts at 9.30 AM in front of Honda station on the Sotobo Line. With the Narita Airport Express it is possible to ride from Yokohama (7.39 AM) or Shinagawa (8.01 AM) to Chiba, the switch trains there, so the travelling time is reasonable.

My plan is to ride about 50 - 60 km with TCC, then ride along road 465 to the West coast and catch the ferry to Kurihama on Miura Hanto. I have done this last year as well, it is a nice combination of riding and cruising.

On Miura I would then go South to Jogashima and back up North on the West coast to Kamakura where I might stop at the Seacastle to have an early dinner, provided I have a) company and b) feel fearless enough to enter that joint.

Back by train then from Ofuna with a few beers already in the belly (but not 0 alcohol ones). Train also connects directly to Shinagawa within 35 minutes, so thgis is much better than taking the train home from Chiba in the evening again.

Anybody going to join me?

More TCC Info here


Jimmy Shinagawa said...

oooh.. sounds interesting.. but Niseko for me this weekend.. enjoy your excursion.

mike said...

That sounds like a nice adventure ride you got going. I have been reading about your rides and I find it very inspiring. Hope I can join you in one of your rides. With that kind of weather, you better drink lots of espresso coffee before your ride. Goodluck and enjoy!

mob said...

Are you the TCC/ Liquigas Enterpise Mike? Hope to see you in Chiba then.

James said...

Michael..... managed to get a Pink ticket so I will join youfor this ride!