11 September 2010

Transalp 2011 Preparations

David and me are planing to attend as a team the Transalp 2011 race in summer next year.

As this is a long, long race with many elevation meters to climb we have to be very well pprepared if we want to do Transalp from Germany to the finishline in Italy. It is essential to listen to the voice of the pros, so riders like Filippo Pozzato can give one of two hints shared from his preparations for the forthcoming world championships via Cycling News.

OK, from now on I will stop driving around in my Ferrari, break up with any long-term girlfriend that might still remember me and stop having fun as everyone in my age group.
Vittorio Adorni. I see.

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David L. said...

Michael: I too pledge not to drive my Ferrari or Maserati during this long preparatory period. Otherwise, I already live like a monk, and so do not anticipate any difficulties in continuing to do so.
Best, David L.

P.S. I think Pozzato's conspicuous lifestyle in Monaco could have some real benefits as part of his cycling career -- it could head off any accusations by the Italian tax office that he is not really resident there -- the kind of claim that Bettini and Chipollini had to face. The police records of repeated Ferrari crashes on mountain roads, complaints from the neighbors about excessive noise at parties, etc., will be excellent proof of his life there.