02 December 2010

Transalp 2011

Done. David and me succesfully registered as team Positivo Espresso 1 for the Transalp 2011 race. A confirmation e-mail from the organizers came in just seven minutes ago. We are still awaiting confirmation for our (second) team Positivo Espresso Europe, consisting of Juliane and David J.

Details about the race can be find here. In brief: 7 stages. 936 km. 20.000 meter elevation difference. More difficult than the Yamanote challenge. Jerome and Juliane in 200?. David and Jerome, Juliane and David in 2009. David and mob, Juliane and David in 2011.

De facto the European home race of the club.

Ups, I should start to train but it is already dark and minus eight degrees outside.


James said...

Would seriously love to race this!

mob said...

You can sign up as a two rider team. Theoretically. For 2011 application was closed 17 nanoseconds after opening on December 1st, 2010. David and Juliane were only able to sign up because they did advanced typing training and countless rehearsal runs. Some say signing up is even more difficult than the race itself.