30 April 2011


The (official) start

The top

The view

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David L. said...

NOTE: There was a warning sign somewhere on the lower part of Kazahari Rindo that indicated it is closed -- even to bicycles (highlighted). Sure enough, the stretch about 75-80% of the way up where they are doing tree removal on the entire hillside below the road was more active than back in winter. I needed to get off my bike and carry it over tree debris.

Fortunately, the workers were all asleep or resting in their big machines taking an early lunch break, so no one stopped me. The signage indicated they are cutting the trees for a "pollen reduction" project and that it will continue beyond this year. I guess if they are serious about reducing pollen, we can look for lots more cutting down of fur trees in coming years ... to be replaced with ???

And the barrier did not stop a TCC ride the week before, including Thomas and Serguei, who I rode with -- or rather they pulled me -- on the lower descent from Kazahari back to my 7/11 stop at Kogura/Itsukaichi.