08 August 2011

Riding Powercranks at Mt Fuji

I am at Mt. Fuji since the weekend, staying at a rental house above
the North shore of Kawaguchiko, in the same compound that was our base
for the Saiko JCRC race last November. Since this trip is with my
wife and our dog and so cycling should be limited to a 1- or 2-hour
rides in the morning, I left the Cervelo at home (along with our
younger son, whose part-time job kept him in town). Instead, I am
riding the Powercranks.

On Transalp, I felt a real difference from 2009 in my strength -- both
on the flats and when I wanted to power-up the last half kilometer of
any climb -- and I think it might have been due to commuting on the
p-cranks several weeks in May/early June, building up new muscles. So
I really wanted to try riding them some more -- the more I ride them
the easier it gets! They are still not as much fun as a bicycle with
a normal crank, but with them I get a work out for my leg muscles
Return to the site of one of the Novembe 2010 "bike leaning" photo shots.

The momiji (Japanese maple) leaves were red in November.
I've decided to drop the nickname "paincranks" as it no longer quite fits.

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