19 November 2011

News from PE UK

its been a while positivistas...

News from PE UK. Another wonderful trip to the mountains North of Madrid last weekend. The Hotel Palacio Miraflores really is an undiscovered gem. Try the gourmet package - as we have twice this year - and had the two best dinners of the year... oh, and the riding is good too! (although a bottle of champagne, a couple of cocktails, a bottle of red and a cigar don`t make for comfortable hill climbing the following day)

And a new bike... long story but we are now the proud owners of a `curly` Hetchins Magnus Opus with campag 50th Anniversary componentry throughout. This is a thing of rare beauty. Here I am taking possession from previous owner Len (archivist of the Hetchins society) more pics of the bike here.

Love to all J & D.
Oh, and we're getting married next year...


David L. said...

Momentous news indeed! Best wishes to both of you, our first P.E. marriage.

And this could really be the shot in the arm that our club needs to recruit more women riders.

If for some reason the P.E. blog and club should fade, at least we can be content that P.E. helped contribute at least two lasting relationships -- the marriage of J. & D., and D's ownership of a classic 'curly' Hetchins!

David L. said...

The other photos of the bike are spectacular. It is a thing of beauty. MOB will be envious ... or maybe he will find a Hetchins frame and build it up to match?

mob said...

Congratulations - that is great news indeed. Please let us known ASAP on which of the 56 cols that Jerome has selected for the Transpyrenes next summer, the actual wedding ceremony will be held so that we can ride to Spain the day before to buy some cheap booze.

Hetchins are nice bikes. In a way with their curvy chain stays and back stays they look like the predecessors of todays Pinarellos. I am very envious indeed. I hope that they you will also find the time and the courage to ride them often.

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

Congratulations to you both, very exciting news, I am sure both you and Len are over the moon with the transaction.

As for getting married.. that's ok too :)