11 April 2012

Wheels 00003, 00004 and 00005

Just for the record:

00003 -- rear wheel for the cyclocross bike, Chris King hubs, 32 DT Swiss spokes (drive side Competition spokes; non-drive side Revolution spokes), Velocity A23 rim, Ritchey fat cyclocross tires (for the time being at least) and 11-28 SRAM cassette:

00004 -- gift to a friend in the U.S. whose bike (with Schmidt dynamo hubbed wheel) was stolen.  SP Dynamo PV-8 black dynamo hub, DT Swiss RR415 rim, 32 DT Swiss revolution spokes).   Looks nice and will brighten up the night:

00005 -- my next Brevet wheel.  SP Dynamo SV-8 silver dynamo hub, Velocity A23 rim, and 32 Sapim CX Ray bladed spokes.  Plus I added the spoke head washers recommended by The Art of Wheelbuilding for a wheel where the holes in the hub are larger than the spoke diameter -- as is the case with the SP Dynamos in contrast to the Chris Kings with their very tight fit for a 2.0mm spoke):

My experience with the HED Jet 6 wheels, which use the same 23mm wide rim as HED's alloy clinchers, has made me a fan of the slightly wider rim, and I now have a collection of wheels built with Velocity A23 rims (less expensive than HED rims, no eyelets, a bit lighter weight and no problems at all so far).  That said, there are other more beautiful rims out there than the Velocity A23 -- the silver DT Swiss RR415 among them.

I may never catch up with MOB and his wheelbuilding.

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