14 July 2012

Sunday Ride EARLY

Tomorrow it is going to be HOT and HUMID.  Jerome and I will try to leave my house (Komazawa Dori and Kanpachi) at 6:30AM.  Will meet riders at 7:15AM Sekidobashi and 8:15AM Oume Station.

The plan is to try Arima Toge, if the road is clear (for once), and the heat is not too stifling.

Don't forget your large water bottles and your sunscreen.

Let me know if you are interested.



Pete, Gueorgui and I gathered as planned near my house at or around 6:30AM.  I called Jerome and, on the third try, awoke him.  We agreed that the 3 of us would go ahead (Pete only intending a short morning spin in any event), and Jerome (and Didier) would eventually catch us.

Pete said his farewell after Fussa, and Gueorgui and I continued to Oume where we met Masato, who had arrived at least 30 minutes earlier -- a combination of our delayed start, a convenience store stop and an overly aggressive timeline to begin with.  It was that kind of day.  After we refueled, the reformed group of 3 headed out.  Just as we left, Jerome and Didier reported in that they were almost at Higashi Oume.

Masato, Gueorgui and I took one variant of the usual route from Oume through Nariki Kaido and to Naguri, finally climbing up to Arima Dam.  There we watched a fire fighting demonstration, with a helicopter repeatedly dumping small loads of water into the reservoir, then heading away to pick up more.  Eventually, Jerome and Didier arrived.

Five of us rode to the far end of the reservoir and up a short hill, to where the road divides (right turn for Arima Pass).  Then Gueorgui and I headed for home -- and the reconstituted group of 3 including none of those who started at 6:30 from my house -- Masato, Jerome and Didier -- headed up the pass.

It got very hot mid-day and into the afternoon on the way back home, but everyone made it without serious incident.

Photos of the trip are here.  [Warning:  There is a photo of Jerome, taking advantage of the "Jerome Exception" to the rule of "No Short Shorts".  Some may find this offensive, and parental discretion is advised.]

An image of the route is here:
At least my legs felt fully recovered from Cascade 1200 and ready for the next event!

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