23 February 2013

New Acquisition - 3 wheeler

We got some new wheels for our youngest, Max, age 8, recently.  On sale recently at a nearby shop.

Max has had some back problems (herniated disk) ... and seems to be showing his age after many years of perfect health.  I just hope that once he mends he will be able to go up and down the stairs in our house again at least for the next few years!


CM said...

What shoe covers have you found to be the best?

David L. said...

Max does not wear shoe covers.

That said, I do not think brand matters. Just get some that are big enough to take on and off even when your fingers are cold/wet, and that are highly visible -- reflective stripes and/or high viz coloring. My latest are Gore, I think.

CM said...

Max has got a nice hair cut in that picture by the way.

I haven't tried Gore yet. There ain't no perfect solution I guess.

I did ride #1 recently, on about the 5th attempt, Yabitsu Pass and 246 back into Tokyo. It is definitely a classic. Navigation is difficult. I always seem to get lost in Machida. 177km is my longest ride ever. I'm wondering which one to do tomorrow.