27 May 2013

Tomin No Mori -- in 30x12 gearing

Jerome and I went for a Sunday morning ride yesterday.  No photos, and just a trip to Tomin no Mori and back.  No personal records.  The weather was a bit humid, we both felt tired (even before the hill), and the traffic reminded me of why I do not take this road often.  But it was a good ride, and I noted about 30 road bikes nicely sitting on the racks at Tomin no Mori, evidencing the huge numbers of cyclists who do this road on any day with decent weather.

Jerome's bicycle has been complaining of late.  His Mavix Aksium rear wheel died on him recently, after much maintenance deferral.  He has broken 2 spokes now with the Rolf Prima wheel that I sold to him ... and he is using an older Mavic Ksyrium from off his old bike, but the freewheel has a problem and will require some new parts to make that workable.  I am going to build him a new rear wheel ... parts on order.  Meanwhile, on the way to Itsukaichi, he managed to break his rear derailleur cable.

I would have turned around and headed for home at that point, but not Jerome, who usually climbs in a bigger gear, out of the saddle.  He went all the way up the hill in 30x12, stopping once for a good rest about half way up the hill.  This may be the only time I beat him up the hill (riding 39x28 gears).

After returning home, I replaced Jerome's cable and the broken spoke on the Rolf Prima ... and we are ready for next weekend's 600km Brevet.

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