11 August 2013

The Spanish Job

After a long week of cycling during LEL, what better way to recover than ... more cycling, in Spain, at the Positivo Espresso Sierra Nevada (Alpujarra) summer training camp.

Time does not yet permit a full report, including the "queen stage" of our successful ascent of the Pico de Veleta, ... but for now a few pictures I hope will help to quench our viewers' thirsts.
We traveled in a black, white and grey VW Golf convoy, in honor of the 2003 remake of "The Italian Job".
Our base camp, strategically located above Capileira at 1700 meters elevation for altitude adjustment,
approximately 2 kms from the end of the paved roads.
Looking up at Bubion (right front) and Capileira (left rear)
Trevelez, the home of the Spanish ham (jamon), through which all rides seemed to pass.
Inside J. Jimenez, direct seller of Jamones, in Trevelez

Juliane "the gazelle" Prechtl, at the intersection beyond Trevelez through which almost all rides passed.

Another perspective on "the intersection".  Note the very low traffic volumes.

Positivistas David, Stephen and MOB in Valor mid-ride

Another view of the middle/upper villages of Trevelez, approximate elevation 1500 meters 
MOB poses behind the "Bimbo truck"

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