02 March 2014

Comparative Advantage

It was rainy this weekend.  No downpours, but cold, winter moisture that chills to the bone, wet stuff falling lightly part or Saturday and all day Sunday.

I could not muster the enthusiasm for a real ride on Saturday, but I did get out of the house for about 15-20 kms with the Powercranks and a stop by C Speed to schmooze with Hiroshi.  I did not see any other road bikes out.  The only cyclists where mama-chari's, typically with people holding an umbrella in one hand as they cycled with the other.
No cyclists along the Tamagawa this morning
On Sunday, I made it to Yomiuri V-Dori at Yomiuri Land, did 5 or 6 repeats up the slope, then a fast return home with a tailwind.  I did not see a single other road cyclist at Yomiuri V-Dori, nor coming or going via the Tamagawa.  The ride was only 40 kms, with the Osymetric cranks, but my hands and feet were wet and starting to lose feeling by the time I headed home.
No cyclists at Yomiuri V Dori this morning, except for me

Sure, I did not get in much riding this weekend, but when I think of the scarcity of other cyclists outside, I surely achieved a comparative advantage in my training, leaving aside those who actually got on a trainer.

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