30 May 2014

Wheel Nos 00018 and 00019 - H Plus Son polished rims for the Yamabushi, Road Disk front

The Yamabushi looks great with its high carbon rimmed wheels ... but sometimes a different wheelset would be nice, something not so pitch black and matte, but a bit shiny.  And a rim low enough to fit in the bicycle parking slots near my office.

The H Plus Son Archetype rims were a joy to build.  The spoke holes are distinctly left or right of the peak of the rim and the spoke nipples fit perfectly.  Very nicely made rims ... deserve a careful build -- trued and tensioned carefully, and no scratches from spoke ends!
#00019 and #00018
An easy build!  Easy to tension and true.  Solid feeling.  The rims seem a bit higher than A23 on the outer edge -- harder to fit on the same size of new tire.  But confidence inspiring.
Rear wheel (00018) with Chris King classic rear hub, Competition/Revolution build.
Slight scoring visible on the Chris King hub's aluminum freewheel after 2 years, but better than others.
Spoke washers, of course, and a 3-cross pattern for strength and comfort.

The front (#00019) is another disk brake wheel with SD-8 dynamo hub.  Let there be light!
I hope the graphics and polished rim look this nice after a year of use ...
Time for bed, before a long day in the saddle tomorrow.


mob said...

Beautiful wheels - well done. I am quite happy with my H plus Son archetypes (in black) and so will be you most likely. Sorry to hear about the Yamabushi rear derailleur. Why was the derailleur destroyed and not the adaptor to the frame?
Ludwig was in Bremen the last two days and we made some nice tours, will blog later. Hub dynamos haven't arrived yet, that will most likely indicate that they are hold back at the German custom.

Richard said...

I'm a happy camper, as Cherubim are going to build me new wheels for me. H Plus Son TB14. Rohloff at the back, and SP Dynamo PD-8+ at the front.

(Seems the '8' series of SP hubs have been superseded by 8+, and even 9 for non-disc wheels.)

Edelux II light on the way from the UK.

I'm a happy-camper! I'm almost drooling at the prospect of all that shiny black metal :-)

Thanks so much for the insight, information and entertainment on Positivo. It's really helped guide me in the right direction.