22 August 2014

RIP -- Robin Williams

I am a little late with this, but wanted to at least mention the sadness I and many others felt upon learning the news last week that Robin Williams, cycling fanatic, comedic genius, off-and-on addict to various substances and sufferer of Parkinson's disease, had taken his own life.

There was a pretty good summary of his relationship with cycling in 2003 in a Bicycling Magazine profile, back before the Lance betrayal.  The article includes a list of some of his bikes, circa 2003.   Bicycling had another short remembrance, including a link to a 2013 Daily Show interview.  There were plenty of other notes in the press about his involvement with and love for the sport.

I liked best the report of why Williams said he loved cycling, in response to a question from WSJ reporter Jason Gay:  because riding bikes is "the closest you can get to flying."  Indeed.

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