20 September 2014

R-Tokyo 1000 Kms

I am on the early train(s) to Yamanashi for the start of a 1000km randonee.
Unfortunately Jerome could not make it--a new job and heavy travel putting him into a big sleep deficit.

I have been checking the weather forecast daily and it has threatened at least some rain over these 3 days. But now it looks like, with luck, it could even be dry and cool.

The first 225 Kms of the course is mountainous and very hard. Then it gets flatter. We ride around Nagoya and South through Mie Prefecture, then turn around south of Ise Shrine and return to Tokyo (well, Yokohama) via the coast.

If all goes well (a big if) then I will be done late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. ... at least a day or two ahead of the next typhoon.

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