02 February 2015


You know you've arrived in Portland when ... the Bike Assembly Area is given equal billing in terminal signage. Hard to imagine this anywhere else.

And on Tuesday went into a high rise office building downtown.  It had a sign at the elevators warning people to use the freight elevators with their bicycles!  I guess a reasonable request given the grime on walls, carpets and other passengers that might otherwise result ...

Yes, Portland has more microbrewers per capita than any other city in the U.S.A.  But as for independent bicycle framebuilders, it has more of them not only per capita but on an absolute basis than any other city in the U.S.A. ... or perhaps any city in the world?  I did not stop by the airport's "Bike Assembly Area" this trip, but I would not be surprised if in Portland "Bike Assembly means not only putting back on wheels, pumping the tires, and a few adjustments, but some serious Bike Assembly!  Maybe installing a headset and a full re-cabling operation?

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