19 April 2015

Sunday Ride with Jerome -- Takao, Otarumi, Route 76 to Doshi Michi, then Lake Miyagase and Yabitsu Pass

Lake Miyagase, from Kanagawa Route 70
Today Jerome and I went on a thoroughly satisfying ride in the areas west and south of Takao.  Weather was perfect -- cool but not cold, only a few sprinkles of rain and the least bit of sun.  Lots of road cyclists were out.

We parted after descending the south side of Yabitsu Pass -- he was continuing on toward Enoshima area for a "beach cleaning" event.  I went back via Route 246 and Kanagawa Routes 51/50 to Chuo Rinkan and hopped a train home.  For me 140 kms and either 1600 (Garmin) or 3600 (iphone/Strava) meters of climbing.  I think in this case the Garmin seems a lot more accurate!

The Yabitsu climb was beautiful -- new green growth and flowering trees.  And the South side descent had me grinning a wide smile.  I could only think "this is why we ride!"  I would greet many of the oncoming climbers with a "gambare!" or "fight!" cheer, and usually get a smile in return.

Rather than write more, I think the photos tell the story.
On the Asagawa path nearing Takao

At Otarumi Pass.  No Fuji view today.
At Otarumi Pass

A photo rest on Route 76
On Route 76, one of many flowering trees above.

On Route 76.  Photo rest stop.
At the Miyagase-ko Michi-no-eki
Miyagase-ko Park

On Route 76, fresh green on the hills.  Park below
On the Yabitsu climb
Yamazakura and stream on the Yabitsu climb

Flowering trees on the Yabitsu climb
River on the Yabitsu climb

River runs through it -- on the Yabitsu climb

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