21 September 2015

Better than London?

When I was in London in 2012 for the Positivo wedding, I marveled at the bicycle floor pump outside a pub in David and Juliane's neighborhood -- for convenient commuter use as they waited at the traffic signal.

Well, Milwaukie, Oregon, the Portland suburb where my Dad now lives, has one-upped London, and installed a complete bicycle repair station on a commuter route into Portland.  Multitool, drivers, tire irons, box wrenches, even long-handled hex wrench for those hard-to-reach repairs.  And, of course, it has a floor pump.

Milwaukie, always in my mind a relatively "blah" working/middle class suburb, somewhere in between the white trash Tonya Harding area far to the East and the tony western slopes where Intel engineers and urban professionals reside, now has a new "MAX" light rail connection direct to downtown Portland, not to mention good bicycle routes.  Oh, and they have a great Sunday farmers' market in a manageable size.

3 different varieties of "nashi" (Asian pears), and many more "yo-nashi" (western pears) 
The bread looked great ... if only we needed bread today

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