21 October 2015

Sunday in the Hills

This past Sunday I got in my first regular Sunday ride in the hills west of Tokyo in a long time: since before I left for the Dolomites and PBP in July.  The occasion was the visit of Christian S., a German rider based in Australia who comes through Japan from time to time (and, I understand, reads this blog).  We rode out and as far as the T intersection where N and S Akigawa separate, at Hinohara town hall, with Andrew and Dan. Dan distributes Ritte bikes in Japan, as well as clothing under the Cyclism name (note the color coordination on his MAAP jersey).
Andrew, Christian, Dan and David ... posing with the Sky Blue Parlee Altum R
The weather was beautiful, and we did a traditional route -- up the Akigawa, Kobu Tunnel, then back via Lake Tsukui and Onekansen-Doro.
The steps toward the swimming hole at Motojuku are tempting today ...
(oops, the name of the intersection is no longer Motojuku ... now Tachibanabashi?)
On the Akigawa climb.
From near the entrance to Kobu Tunnel
A beautiful day
We stopped for a lunch on the south side of lake Sagami at Restaurant Shu.  Much more civilized than sitting on concrete in front of a convenience store.
Dining outside in perfect weather
Artistic hitching rack for bikes! 
The hitching rack comes complete with locks -- just take the key to lunch!
Incredible cyclist accommodation I could not imagine a few years ago.
At the end we did a detour off Onekan and rode over steep hills (Google Maps' walking route) to GS Astuto near Ikuta Station in Kawasaki.

The bike Tim rented to Christian.  This seems to be Chinese, not Japanese?
And probably means "specially fast" or "fastest"?
Tim was not at the shop, Christian could not raise him quickly via mobile, and I needed to race back into Tokyo to meet someone at Tokyo Station, so in the end Christian left the bike at C Speed for Tim to pick up.

All in all 177 kms for me on the day -- longest since PBP -- and a fun ride.  Hope Christian will be back through again, and that I'll see Andrew and Dan again before long.

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