13 July 2016

From Friday -- Hokkaido 1200

Tomorrow I go to Hokkaido with Jerome (and many other friends) for the early Friday morning start of the Hokkaido 1200, Asia's most storied 1200 kilometer Audax event.  This is a "revenge" effort after the 2014 version was cancelled mid-event due to road closures from a typhoon.  This time (hope I do not jinx it) the weather forecast looks much better.  Stay tuned.  The blog is about to come back to life.  And I hope not as a zombie!


Manfred von Holstein said...

Good luck!! The weather forecast for the three-day holiday is bad for Kanto, but Hokkaido looks more promising.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to both of you! PE European hq project well underway. Looking forward to seeing you all here... DJ

Richard said...

Eagerly awaiting your report!