07 September 2016

Farewell Garmin, You have Served Me Well

It happened just before dark on Sunday, as I entered the Seattle area on the last leg of the Seattle International Randonneurs "gravel grinder Summer 600". My Garmin Edge 800, still showing plenty of battery after the umpteenth recharge and one mid-ride reset, crashed.
It has happened before, but this time it shows no life. Did I just imagine a slight whiff of fried electronics? I think, "you are finally gone".

Thank you, Edge 800, for your years of service in extreme conditions. Despite your buggy software, lack of good instructions, and that little chip in your front plastic touchscreen (a kind of "beauty mark"--actually a scar from when I dropped you onto hard pavement long ago) you have served me well and given your all.

Rest in peace.

UPDATE:  Sadly, the Garmin is still dead four days later. I have tried to charge its batteries and it gets quite warm -- almost hot -- from the charger, something I have never noticed before.  The electronics must be deeply troubled, beyond repair.

Time to experiment with my iPhone as a navigation device?

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