21 September 2017

Cycling in Portland - Better and Better

The new bicycle/pedestrian bridge.
I was back in Portland for awhile to visit family at the end of August and earlier this month. Cycling there just gets better and better. I found this trip that it was MUCH easier to shuttle between the place I was staying and downtown Portland via bicycle than by car. The Trolley Trail and Springwater Corridor Trail have transformed in my view the areas of Sellwood, Milwaukie and Oak Grove. And the Tillicum Crossing bridge (light rail, bikes and pedestrians only) is great. They have an LED display that shows cyclist crossings so far this year, and on the current day.

Downtown obscured by the Ross Island Bridge (and Marquam Bridge) from the bike trail

In Milwaukie looking across at Lake Oswego

Oaks Bottom with spectacular purple flowering grasses

Its a wildlife refuge!

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Richard said...

Nice that it worked out better than Stevenage ....