27 May 2018

Akigawa Ride

Akigawa - Hinohara valley from the climb to Kobu Tunnel
I woke up a bit too late to get to the Tokyo Cranks' 715AM start at Futakotamagawa today. I was following the latest in reported medical research. I decided to join the Cranks at Seijo for coffee and head out on a longer ride. At least I made it to Seijo before they disbanded, and a group could admire the Sky BlueParlee, Gokiso wheels, and even matching blue jersey and helmet.

It was a nice day, if a bit hot. I headed upriver.

Picnic at the river -- best watched on "full screen" setting (click box on the lower right corner of video).

In the end I rode to Itsukaichi and up the Akigawa and through Kobu Tunnel. I had planned to descend to Uenohara, climb over Otarumi (or Wada) Pass,and hop a train from Takao. But in the end, I realized I had left my GPS at the bottom of the climb to Kobu Tunnel, and so needed to return to get it, and then rode down the hill to Itsukaichi. Total distance was just over 100 kms. Not bad for a late start and a hot day.

As usual, the Akigawa was beautiful. I only got out the camera on the way down, so here are some photos as I went down the valley.

Spring is nearly done, but still plenty of color

I resisted the temptation to descend to the swimming hole at Motojuku 

Cyclist friendly ramen etc. shop at Motojuku.  Mura-Ace instead of Dura Ace!

Looks like fun.

Fast trip down the valley

Overgrown thatch roof at the Kurochaya kaiseki restaurant. There must be beautiful view from the windows today

More overgrown roof to the restaurant.

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