15 May 2008


After clicking on the DHL tracking website in interval of minutes since yesterday, our team jerseys finally arrived at the office this noon. Needless to write that they are beautiful and well done. At least our jerseys will leave a good impression at the Itoigawa Fast Run race this weekend.So far only the five jerseys for the Itoigawa team has arrived, I will bring them to the hotel in Hachioji tomorrow night. All other jerseys are due for arrival next week, I will keep you informed.


David L. said...

And the color scheme goes with Michael's bicycle -- the grey and orange monster!

TOM said...

Great-looking end result...congratulations and thanks for organizing all this Michael! Love the Belgian flag right near the armpit! Overall, the jersey appears more whitish as opposed to the light-grey background color I had imagined from the initial draft. I guess white armwarmers/bips will also look great on this jersey. The Itoigawa Team will shine tomorrow!