10 September 2009

Positively Cross!


Im in the process of having some decals made of the Positivo Cross. These come with a application sheet and are the same type of decals that manufacturers use for frame graphics or helmet graphics. I will be using it for the later. They are weather proof and will not fade as they are made from polythene and do not require a lamante or laquer over the top, although this will offer an extra level of protection.

The size will be around 30mm * 30mm and will come with application sheet. The Logo will only contain the black and red of the cross with no writing. There is no background colour so backing will be the colour of what ever you decided to attach them to.

If your interested please let me know and the amount you want and I can work out the cost from per decal from there, they shouldn't be too expensive around 300-500 Yen per decal.


TOM said...

Very neat James, keep 2 for me.

James said...

Will do mate....

Just a little more info. These Decals don't have an oversheet. So when you lay the decal on the surface and then lift it off the application sheet, there is no clear film over the top, just the red and black polothene.

David L. said...

Thanks, James, but I already have Positivo decals on each of my bicycles -- from Positivo. They have the white background, which I think sets off the red and black nicely. I'm not sure where I would affix a decal without the white background -- since my bicycle has a black finish. For someone with a white frame, or other similar use, it should look very nice.

You could check in with Nagai-san or Nagayama-san at Positivo and see if they will give (or sell) you a few of them. I think Nagai-san will gladly put them on a bike that he services.

On the theme of our use of the "Positivo" name, I was surprised last weekend to see Nagayama-san a week ago Saturday AM coming across the bridge at Futako with a group of cyclists all of whom were wearing jerseys that, under various other logos and names that I did not really focus on, distinctly said "POSITIVO". They were not going very fast -- no orange bullets.

David L. said...

... I stopped by the shop briefly last night to get my new seat post clamp checked and get the master to add some more metal foil so that it would be possible to get a tight grip with no slippage. ... in time for tomorrow's Brevet.

Nagayama-san said that the group of riders I saw with "Positivo" on their jerseys is "just a group of customers who got together, kind of like Espresso" and is not an "officially" sponsored Positivo team. So I guess our position is still secure.

As for the master's secret seat post fix, this year Nagai-san cut out a piece of a can of Red Bull to fit between inside of clamp and outside of my carbon frame. The curvature of the small diameter can helped to form it around the post very nicely.

Froggy said...

By chance I bumped into one of the other Positivo team guy & discussed the possibility to ride together (they have 2 departure time 6:30 at the tamagawa bridge for the early birds & 9h30 in front of Positivo shop)
This nice guy (as big as me), with Nagai san back up, made one condition which seems difficult to agree on: guess what?
in order to ride together, you should stop at red traffic lights

The funny thing is that I met today a bunch of riders who live close to Nagai san shop & really liked our jersey. One Japanese lady (as thin as David L. wife)asked me what we were supposed to do when the ligth turn red: based on my discussion with the Positivo guy I chose the following answer: STOP but she replied WRONG: you should speed up to cross before other cars & bicycle
I am now totally messed up & believe we should discuss this issue urgently