03 September 2009

Sunday ride to Chichibu

Jerome and I will leave my house 6AM Sunday. We plan (subject to amendment, revision, clarification and alteration) to ride to Oume and then into Chichibu. I would like to try the quiet route along Tom's "brand new" (well, newly discovered) Haraichiba-Naguri Rindo and head North from it Rte 299, then climb up to the Green Line, along the Green Line to the NW and back South via Yamabushi Touge and along Nariki-Kaido. We could add on Ikusabata/Jerome Hill for the return if time permits. The plan is to be back at Futakotamagawa by 2PMish, no trains.

Let us know if you want to join at the start ... or along the route.


Jimmy Shinagawa said...

I'm in.

TOM said...

An idea (alternative):

After you complete the "Haraitibanaguri," go for Nenogongen (signposts all over, well indicated)...very nice views and lovely gut-wrenchng last 300 meters. Once you clear this one, the descent will take you down to 299. From here follow 299 northwards (Sundays no dump cars) until you hit the tunnel. The entrance point to Shomaru-toge is on the right side (then turn left). This will make for a nice little loop taking you guys back home well before 3:00.

David L. said...

Thanks, Tom.
After various sorties last fall I at least know the entrance to Sho Maru Touge / Merihazaka). I do not like 299, but it looks as if coming from Nenogongen (子の権現) one would join from 395 and only a few km from the tunnel entrance.

That would be a slightly shorter loop but fine with me ... makes sense if the plan is overly ambitious or we are beyond schedule, since it is still a road I have not yet tried. And if REALLY behind schedule or out of gas, one could take 395 South over the pass and back to Nariki Kaido.

On the other hand, I would really like to climb up to the Green Line ...