04 July 2011

Assorted Photos from Transalp

On the lower part of the Stelvio climb.  Cannot even see the famous switchbacks yet.

Transalp Camp Kaltern.  The most crowded and hot yet.  987A is one of the previously mentioned Schwalbe girls.  Her teammate ... must have found other accommodations.
From the top of the Biehlerhohe.  Is one of those cyclists on the road below MOB?
After dinner nap in Naturns.
At the finish in Arco.  What will we do with no race tomorrow_
MOB summits the Bielherhohe.


Manfred von Holstein said...

Congratulations to the four of you for finishing! This is truly impressive. How does it feel after seven days in the saddle, doing so much climbing? I hope you are having a few relaxing days in Italy (MOB and David) or elsewhere.

TOM said...

Big bravo to the PEE+1 team !!