01 July 2011

Day Five of the Transalp

Cold and light rain in the morning at the start in Livigno but later on good weather all the way. Apart from the usual no-name hills, we climbed the Mortirolo, the third most famous cycling pass in the alps aftet the Stelvio and the Gavia.

1200+m climbing, many long stretches with 20 percent gradient.  David got up in one go; I needed to walk about 300m up. It has been a long time since I walked up hills, but the Transalp is teaching me these skills again. I am not as strong as I used to be in Japan, but that's OK, I don't really need this ability any longer in Bremen. Still I know that I can finish the Transalp - ca suffit.

After the descent from the Mortirolo another 14km flat or slightly uphill. Still had something left in the battery and hammered towards the finish. Overall a good and successful day.  No photos.

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