30 June 2011

Real Food

David and Juliane enjoy some real food in Livigno - big steaks for
the whole team last night powered us up the ridiculously steep
Mortirolo Pass today, by the memorial to Marco Pantani, whose victory
there on a Giro d'Italia stage thrust him onto the world stage.

We had a good day today, MOB and I finished 173 in the Masters class
-- our highest placing yet.  I was glad to do the entire 1250m elev climb, much at a 15-20% grade, without putting a single foot to the ground. (Think 2x Kazahari
Rindo). I passed many walking/resting riders, and did not see many of
those we have finished with in recent days.

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Manfred von Holstein said...

Well done, this is a great achievement, especially now already several days into the Tour. I know how hard it is - the Kitzbueheler Horn is a similar climb (altitude difference and gradient), and I find it a real monster. I was never in doubt you were ready for this challenge, if your material held through. How did MOB do?