20 June 2011

RAAM 2011 - Participant from Tokyo!

June is not just about the Tour de Suisse, the Dauphin, and some other events near and dear to Positivistas (SocGen Paris-to-London, Transalp, Mt. Fuji HCs), there is also the  Race Across America ("RAAM").

Graham mentioned to me recently, and James K. confirmed, that Jamie Slaymaker, who rides with James and who joined me for the April 2010 Nishi-Izu Brevet (he rode well ahead of me up Doshimichi, but then dropped off at Numazu for an early return to Tokyo), is teaming with his younger brother and two others as the "Crankaddicts" team for the 2011 RAAM. 

RAAM has solo, 2-, 4- and 8-person teams.  For the Crankaddicts, it will involve 4 persons rotating -- Enduro style -- one rider on the bike at a time.  But unlike a Japanese "enduro" event, they will proceed like this, the resting riders in support vehicles, 24x7, from California to Virginia.  RAAM teams started on Sunday, June 19, California time, so they are underway.  You can get updates on their website, or watch the RAAM team division leaderboard online.  I'm just glad that, very early on at least, they are beating the "Norton Rose" team sponsored by a U.K.-based law firm.  (From the site, it looks like a 39 yr old partner must have "asked" 3 decade younger associates to do RAAM with him.  Shameless).

Solo riders started on the 15th.  Now trying RAAM solo, THAT would be intense.

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