17 June 2011

Laurent Depus at "Paris to London Bike Ride" Day 1

Laurent has updated me on his first day in the saddle on the Paris to London on bike ride.

"Day 1 - Paris to Beauvais (110kms)

As we got ready to start the Paris-to-London bikeride, the sky in Paris looked very, very dark and the weather forecast called for rain. Last year, we had managed to race the first stage and arrive only minutes before an incredibly fierce storm flooded roads (and houses), but this year it looked like we wouldn't be so lucky.

After the opening ceremony, introductory speeches and photo sessions with the nearly 250 riders, twelve teams + the group of one-day riders who would only do the Paris-Beauvais stage left in separate waves.

During the speeches, our collection got a special mention: we have raised over 55,000 euros so far out of a total 280,000 euros for the approximately 230 participants who raised funds. I was asked to say a few words and pointed out that we're still far from over: there are still donations on their way and there will also be the auction of the much-admired, beautiful NeilPryde Alize bike dressed in SG and Japan colours. "

For the full story head on over to my blog here.

It's not too late to donate and you can donate directly to Laurent here:


Rememberthe bike will be auctioned off at the end of the ride to raise more money for this amazing cause. For more information on the bike head here.

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