20 June 2011

Day 2 - Beauvais - Dieppe: Rain, Cold and a Festival of Punctures.

Laurent has sent me an update of his epic ride from Paris to London for CARE.

As always, our team left after all the others had gone, and we had plans to cycle fast and furious, catch up with and overtake every other team and add a loop to the expected 110kms once we arrived in Dieppe. Right off the start, cycling was much easier than yesterday and we all felt strong with the help of the tailwind. From Beauvais we moved up north towards the sea until the first rest-stop 40 kms away where we made only a brief pause to fill our bottles, get a cup of English tea and get back on the road. Much better teamwork than yesterday helped us keep a steady and fast pace, though slower than yesterday's dishevelled, furious, individualistic race-like mode.

For the full story head on over to my blog here.

It's not too late to donate and you can donate directly to Laurent here:


Rememberthe bike will be auctioned off at the end of the ride to raise more money for this amazing cause.

For more information on the bike head here.

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