27 September 2011

New Arrival

7:30PM Monday night, side profile
7:30PM Monday night, front
11:15PM Monday night
The frameset arrived at my home while I was at work today.  I got home, ate a quick bite, and literally could not wait to build it up ... and definitely could not wait to have it built up by the LBS.

She will never be this clean, or white, again.


Manfred von Holstein said...

David, the bike looks very nice. I see you have already attached reflective stripes which should blend in well with the white. The shiny white of your Canyon looks all the more attractive when compared to MOB's white just a little down (sorry, MOB!). The Canyon.com branding is a little aggressive (very different from my Canyon), but I guess it makes the bike look more interesting. And then there are the trademark DGL2 handlebars, tilting upwards. I'm sure you were tempted to go straightaway for a night ride! Have fun, Ludwig

TOM said...

Beautiful! David, I'm very much impressed (and jealous) you could do all the assembling by yourself. Looking forward to seeing your CANYON in the flesh.

David L. said...

Thanks to both.

I could not resist building it up ... but I did wait until Tuesday night to take it out for a spin (and stop by Positivo for derailleur fine-tuning).

The juxtaposition on the blog directly above MOB's frame photo was unintentional, but I also prefer the glossy white to his pure white matte color. Then again, I don't have my own name, national flag, the Positivo emblem or orange accents customized on my frame. At least not yet. It will be a challenge to keep it looking like new. It does not seem to attract dirt noticeably, but when I cleaned the scavenged Cervelo frame, I realized how dirty a bike frame can get, especially one that is black so that you do not necessarily notice the grime immediately.

And yes, the silvery reflective tape is barely visible without the camera flash. I'll think some about placement -- maybe fully wrap around the fork.

Based on my visit to the BMW museum in Munich, I know that if you are going for a German Modern look, the only acceptable "third color" for extensive use with black and white is silver/grey, though perhaps there is room yet for a tiny splash of red or blue (maybe an American flag monogram).

I still cannot say that it is a beautiful or sexy frame - especially the downtube shape - but it is not ugly either. It is growing on me fast.

I was able to transplant the bars and lots of things attached to them from the Cervelo R3 SL in one piece, which saved hours -- I disconnected the rear brake and the derailleur cables at the
back/business ends and then was able to move the bars, with shifters and cables intact. For the front brake I did not even need to undo the cable, just unscrew the brake from the Cervelo fork and attach it to the Canyon fork. Everything fit just about right, and the stem was already on the new frameset and did not need any adjustment. Also, I could attach the saddle to the seatpost in about 2 minutes -- easier than any other setup I've used. So most of the work was on the cranks, BB, derailleurs, chain, plus cleaning parts as I moved them and then reconnecting the cables. I never expected to get it done in one session.

As for the ride, after the spin last night to Positivo, some minor saddle and handlebar adjustments (both are more closely parallel to the ground now) and a ride in to work this morning -- it feels like a NEW bike. Very responsive and lively. It feels 'right' when I stand to accelerate from an intersection, as if it was designed for getting out of the saddle and hammering (or "dancing"). Also very stable. Does carbon fiber feel more lively when new and deaden over time with wear and tear?

--The front end feels rock solid (it ought to -- it is about 50% fatter than the Cervelo in the headset/ headtube area --massive, beefy, whatever).

--The fork seems to have a slightly (barely, but noticeable) more relaxed "rake" to it. In comparison, the Cervelo, which I always thought handled very nicely, seems almost twitchy. The Canyon feels as if it will keep on a straight line with confidence riding "no hands".

--I did not try it on any rough roads, and the front tire is a bit underinflated, but so far it is very comfortable. The rear has thick chain stays/thin seat stays like the Cervelo, and the seatpost has a blend of boron (?) fibers in the carbon -- supposed to better absorb road shocks, plus a set-back design that should allow a bit of spring over any nasty bumps. I will need to try it on a long ride to know for sure about comfort, but I expect it to be very comfortable, as others have told me.

I will post a more complete review once I’ve had it for awhile.

Manfred von Holstein said...

Sounds exactly like my bike - I couldn't have described it better. Yet I have less comparison than you, so I finally have confirmation mine isn't just a "normal" bike. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy in the mountains too. You may steal my title of being the fastest descender in the mountains...