22 September 2011

UCI World Championship Copenhagen

Martin’s salute



Judith Arndt Of Germany Competes

Looking forward to the men race on Sunday.

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David L. said...

MOB -- I get the picture. Those look like German colors on the riders who swept the men's and women's Elite TT world championships.

Chapeau! (Or would that be "hut"?).

It is nice to see German cycling recovering from the end of the Jan Ullrich years.

Also of note ... Australians won the U23 TT (Durbo the Turbo?) and the Women's Junior TT events ... so we know where the next generation is coming from.

As for the U.S.A., the fastest Women's TT candidate (2009 world champ Kristin Armstrong) was not in the race as a result of a selection controversy. She lost her spot while in mid-flight over the Atlantic, leaving her, literally, stranded at the airport on arrival. What a mess.

Since when did ESPN read like what is going on in Washington DC?