28 March 2012

Hatsu Nori -- First Ride on the Yamabushi

April Update:

I've decided to name this bike the "Yamabushi".  Not only do we ride over two Yamabushi Passes -- one in Chichibu/Saitama and the other near Yamanaka-ko at the top of Doshi Michi -- but Yamabushi were, according to the most definitive of sources, Wikipedia,

"mountain hermits, ascetics, and 'holy men', who followed the path of shugendō, a search for spiritual, mystical, or supernatural powers gained through asceticism. ... [They were] renowned for their magical abilities and occult  knowledge ..."

And they became highly skilled and feared warriors, fighting alongside or advising some of the most well known warlords (e.g. Takeda Shingen) in the battles to unify Japan of the late Sengoku period.  I think an appropriate name for a bike that will travel off paved roads through the mountains, and may even race through the mud and sand of a cyclocross course.
Yamabushi training at Shugendou.  Endure suffering -- withstand hot fire and cold water!

The frame is now built up into a bicycle!   I had to wait an extra 3 days to get the bracket that holds the front outer brake cable housing in front of the fork crown/headtube above the cantilever brake, but could finally fix that and wrap the bars in tape.

It is one sweet ride.

The build is a SRAM Rival groupset, Kore cantilever brakes, Ritchey stem, bars, tires and cyclocross fork, and a used Fizik Arione saddle and FSA seatpost.

I hand built the wheels (Nos. 00002 and 00003) -- Velocity A23 rims, Chris King Classic hubs, 32 DT Swiss spokes front and rear (Revolution, except Competition on the rear drive side), and Ritchey 700x32 cyclocross tires.

I love the SRAM double tap shifters.  Then again, I usually love a brand new, clean and properly adjusted drivetrain!

The canti brakes ... were chattering a bit at first, but within the first kilometer seemed to smooth out nicely.

The Chris King hubs have their trademark "angry bee" buzzing sound.  The tires ... are noticeably slower than road tires.  I'll probably use another set of wheels for in-town riding, and save these for settings when they will provide maximum benefit.

Now I just need to add some decals/graphics.

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TOM said...

Beautiful result...congratualtions!

Good idea to swap the wheels/tyres for urban riding. Those knobby wheels erode very quidkly.